How to Stay Awake on the Night Shift

People who are working the night shift need to stay awake and alert during their work in order to accomplish their job responsibilities. Although having a night shift is quite a problem because some might can’t help but to fall asleep on the job. Here are simple tips to do on how to stay awake during the graveyard shift:

1. Get enough sleep and rest before your graveyard shift

Make sure to have enough sleep and rest during daytime. It is quite advantage to sleep at the afternoon instead in the morning because this will allow the person to have a better rest.

2. Drink just enough coffee or energy drink

Drinking those will give people enough energy during their work shift. This is also energy boosters that will make people active and alert. However, proceed with caution since caffeine s still a drug as it only affects the nervous system, not actually giving you energy.

3. Bring an MP3 or any music player

Listening to lively music can also relieve the people from sleeping however this may depend to some people and may not work with others. For some, this can be a good source of entertainment to stay awake but for some this may lullaby them to sleep.

4. Do something interesting

If you don’t have a lot of work to do during the graveyard shift better try doing something productive to divert your mind from falling asleep.

5. Have another worker to replace you

Have another person who will be willing to work for the shift when you are not available and need to have rest for a certain day. Be sure to inform it ahead of time so that the work will not be compromised.

6. Do some walking exercise

Having a simple walk along the working premises is quite a good way to relieve sleepiness and may help the worker have full attention to their work details after a good walking exercise.

7. Use Nap Zapper

There are a lot of nap alarm products in the market that send out signals when a person is about to nod due to drowsiness or sleepiness. This will give a sound alarm that will raise awareness to the people who is using it as well as other people along the vicinity.

Just follow these simple steps to stay awake during night shift and be able to perform job responsibilities well.

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